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Custom Tin Packaging Advantage:

● A vibrate and eye-catching design for promoting in brand or product
● Increase brand recognition and loyalty in marketing
● Unique and personalized feeling of products un-boxing in mind

Case Studies

Case A — Cost Saving

The brand Turtles, which sells a large number of chocolates every Christmas and New Year, as well as on Valentine's Day, has for many years been packaged in handmade paper gift boxes, but in the last two years, due to rising costs, handmade gift boxes have become increasingly expensive. So the client's marketing strategy changed and a first attempt was made to use a tinplate box as a gift box. The client brought in a paper handmade box with two hearts to communicate with us about the project, with the aim of switching to a tinplate box to reduce costs and allow for faster delivery.

After the first project kick-off meeting, our team carried out an evaluation, based on samples, drew 3D drawings for rendering, gave them to the client for confirmation, then prepared a hand board for an engineering development review and, after corrections, provided 2D drawings for dimensional confirmation and quotation from the client.

After the quotation was confirmed, the Rado team conducted a secondary review of the project, fully discussed the moulds and production equipment, the production process and reported to the client. After receiving the client's approval, we arranged the moulds, production lines and other preparatory work, and finally made a perfect delivery of the project.

Case B — Airtight

With the legalization of marijuana, a boom in the marijuana packaging market has been triggered, with child-resistant packaging with safety locks becoming a new point of demand. As of today, most continents in the United States are open to the legalization of marijuana for both residential and medical purposes, as illustrated in the following chart.

We have also developed a related business and our products are certified by Child Resistant. With the growing market and the smell of cannabis, consumers are demanding more airtightness from tin can packaging to minimise the spread of cannabis odour to consumers. Unlike paper packaging, which can be glued and sealed, and unlike injection moulded products, tin cans are hard and have a small tensile deformation, making them difficult to airtighten. Based on feedback from our customers, our R&D team discussed the issue of airtightness and designed and developed a new product that is airtight, Child resistant and easy to recycle, using solutions that have been proven in other products.

How is the airtightness achieved?

The answer is simple: by adding a spring to the lid, which creates a downward pressure that presses the silicone ring in the lid firmly against the body of the can and thus achieves a seal. This idea was inspired by thermos bottles and reasonably avoids the problem of hard-to-hard contact between the top and bottom lids of the tinplate which cannot be sealed.

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