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Why is the tinplate box called the most healthy and environmentally friendly packaging?

Now no matter supermarkets or small shops, even some boutiques have a lot of tin box packaging, such as moon cake tin box packaging, tea tin box packaging, etc. More and more people will use tin box packaging, whether food gifts, or various Cosmetics. The material of the tinplate is environmentally friendly.

It can combine the strength and formability of steel with thin corrosion resistance, sweat absorption and beautiful appearance into one material, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high non-toxic strength and good stealth. The original tinplate has very excellent characteristics, and it is superior in the original material. The performance of opaqueness has very good sealing performance. The tinplate box can completely isolate the airtight system of environmental factors. It can avoid the deterioration of food due to light, oxygen and moisture, and it will not become weak due to the penetration of aroma, nor will it be polluted by environmental odors and change its taste.

Therefore, food storage has a very stable advantage. Its packaging material, vitamin C, has a very high preservation rate, and its nutritional preservation performance is also very good. In people’s daily life, you can see many styles of tin box materials, which are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and can be recycled or recycled. Because of its strong sealing performance, it is often seen in tea cans. , and the sales volume in the market is also very large. There are many tea tins made of tinplate boxes, which are high-end and high-end, and are also very face-saving as gifts.

There is a layer of food ink inside the tinplate box, which is also the biggest guarantee for food. The tinplate and the surface printing ink used are environmentally friendly, and can directly contact with food, without any harm to human health. The food-grade oil film can be tested by the US FDA, as well as the sgs test, etc., and can be in direct contact with food, so adults and children can use it with peace of mind.

In various industries now, all people see are packaged in iron boxes, the materials are safe and environmentally friendly, and the food that food-grade ink can contact is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Therefore, he can have a leading position in the market. It is the most healthy and environmentally friendly packaging material in all packaging. This is why tinplate boxes are known as the most healthy and environmentally friendly packaging, and their use range is also very wide, and the sales volume is also very large.

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