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Tin box packaging in candy

Chocolate is a candy that many people like to eat, and manufacturers use different packaging methods for chocolate. Mixing, crushing, melting, and molding are necessary to make chocolate from raw materials.

The raw materials for chocolate include cocoa powder, sugar, butter, and various dairy ingredients. The main ingredient of chocolate, cocoa butter, can melt at about 33 degrees Celsius, while chocolate softens at 28 degrees Celsius or more.

Therefore, the functional requirements of chocolate packaging boxes and ordinary food containers are very different, and custom tin packaging can provide solutions for chocolate packaging.

Benefits of using custom tin packaging

There are good cost benefits, although the view that using metal material packaging is relatively more expensive is true to some extent. This is to ignore the fact that the use of metal packaging for the advantages of the product, converted to cost benefits, the use of metal materials can be negligible budget.

Extended shelf life

Compared to other materials such as steel, copper, and aluminum, tin can provide longer shelf life for food. This is because the components that makeup tin do not interact with the components that make up the food material, so tin ensures that the product remains fresh for a long time.

Fine Decoration

In addition, tin boxes can be made in different shapes, such as rectangular, round, spherical, and triangular, so that they can be adapted to the needs of different products.

Retaining Value

Because of the durability of tin storage containers, people will reuse them after consuming the product, which will lead people to choose tin packaging when they choose to buy the product.

Highly flexible packaging

Tin has high strength and rigidity properties, which provide the possibility for flexible packaging solutions.


The advantages of tin are apparent: it is recyclable, durable, green and safe, and easy to print, to name a few. It is a common practice to use the tin for packaging products. Renault specializes in unique tin containers and packaging.

Renaultin offers customers the tin packaging products they want with 12 years of experience in tin packaging production and 26 separate automated tin can production lines. They are constantly innovating with imagination to provide only excellent packaging solutions for everyone.

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