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Why automation trends in the tin packaging industry?

Automation tech reshaping the Made-in-China industry. China is still the world factory today, even though many manufacturers have relocated to Vietnam, India, etc.

As a manufacturer of tinplate products, Renualtin Metal is also following the automation trends.

Why and how do we observe it this way?

First, the cost is increasing with the fast economic development, as we all know. To look into the cost breakdown of the product simply, material+ production equipment investment+ labor cost +overhead. The labor cost takes about 30-40% in the cost breakdown. Well, in our SOP, to produce a tin with 15 laborers in 2010, but only 5 laborers after automation.

Second, quality is a key to the success of manufacturing in China, to gear up the factory with more and more automatic production lines and help to deliver qualified products to customers with consistency and accurate PLC-controlled machines.

The most effective thing is price. We have been producing a seamless car wax tin jar for a customer since 2009, and the most impressive and customer-satisfying thing is that we always keep price change between 5% for almost ten years. We honored their trust these years.

In FMCG, many brands selling millions of products use tin box packaging as their traditional choices, such as candy, gummies, nuts, chocolate, and cigarettes. Tin containers are the best selection. They are easy to store, have long shelf time, low recycling costs. With automatic lines, the product delivery time was shorted to catch the boat during the epidemic.

Renaultin Metal has an engineering team for mold and automatic production lines. These allow us to work with customers closely, with fast response and quick feedback with 2D&3D drawings. And it is why we are confident that we provide one-stop packaging solutions loudly. We are a professional tin box packaging manufacturer.

We will do better in the next 10 years, even 20 years. To be your best long-term partner.

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