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What are the production processes involved in making candy tin box packaging?

Candy tin boxes have a series of production processes. The colorful candy tin boxes are printed in spot or four colors. But because of the unique nature of tin boxes, the printing process differs from other papers.


Candy boxes are not the same. The tin box is increasingly used in packaging in all walks of life. With the continuous upgrading of industrial technology, the production process of tin boxes has become more and more sophisticated. Unlike another packaging, candy tin box packaging has unique features. The production system how to print candy tin box it, the following will explain to you.

Purchase of tinplate materials

Procurement of raw materials is the first step in producing candy tin boxes. After the customer places an order, it is necessary to follow the order requirements for layout, choose the thickness and type of iron material, check whether there are scratches in the iron material and whether the lines are uniform.

Tinplate printing

Candy tin box of raw materials in color printing before the general need to print white because white is the base color of all colors. Printed white and printed in color can better highlight the color. The printing process is essential to the entire production process, affecting the product’s overall appearance.

Affected by the ink coverage, it often requires a monochrome machine for secondary bleaching, with whiteness up to about 80%. And the requirement of white paint and tin cans with good bonding can withstand high-temperature baking without discoloration. Food tin box factory said that the tin can printing requirements for color are relatively high.

In addition to the high water resistance of pigments, pigment coloring power and durability is also relatively high. The food tin box factory said it should also have heat resistance in addition to offset printing ink’s general characteristics. Because the tin can surface is smooth and will not seep, the ink is thermosetting and requires high-temperature baking.

Iron printing, using offset printing, is more complicated than paper printing, and color difference is not easy to control. At the same time, because the surface of the candy tin box made of tinplate is impervious to water, the printing process needs to be equipped with an oven. Tin box manufacturers said the printing ink must be baked at high temperatures to combine with the surface and be insoluble in water. 

The non-absorption of solvents is also a significant difference between tinplate printing and other offset printing and is a problem that we need to pay special attention to. Candy tin box printing line made of tinplate will be longer than other offset printing. Therefore, the effect of tin printing and design effects will often have a slight color difference.

Tinplate shearing process

After the iron material printed oil dry, the printing of the whole sheet printed on the large iron needs to be cut according to the cutting position. Cutting must be careful and be cut accurately according to the cutting line. If there is a slight deviation, the iron material will be scrapped.

Candy tin box stamping process

Stamping is the core process of making candy tin boxes, and the complexity and simplicity of the process vary depending on the tin box process. It is worth noting that stamping is one of the processes with the most significant material loss in the whole tin box-making process. 

Therefore, the stamping must be standardized operating procedures, strictly following the sample production gently, to avoid scratching the iron material.


Packaging is the last process of candy tin box production. After cleaning the finished candy tin box according to the customer’s packaging requirements, the packaging is stored. In the packing process, two links are essential.

Cleaning: The oil stains and fingerprints on the surface of the candy tin box should be wiped clean when stamping.

Inspection: harmful products that do not meet the requirements during the packing process need to be selected Out.

Good quality candy tin boxes cannot be separated from a strict operating system. Candy tin box manufacturers Renaultin with safety, low consumption, and high quality as the production concept, with excellent quality to win the trust of our customers. Welcome to consult tin box product packaging solutions.

To sum up: the whole production process of candy tin boxes includes

(1) Confirming the design file

(2) Draw the tinplate material dimensional drawing

(3) Sending the cut-size drawing to the customer for design

(4) Customer design drawing proofreading

(5) Film paper manuscript

(6) Film proofreading

(7) Customer confirms the design draft

(8) Production of product samples

(9) Production of candy tin box samples

(9) Customer confirms candy tin box model

(10) Customer place order

(11) Typesetting and printing

(12) Color confirmation OK

(13) Cut

(14) Stamping (automatic line)

(15) Finished product

(16) Packaging

(17) Shipment

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