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Why do many businesses choose iron boxes for packaging?

The packaging industry has evolved over the years; now, people can find different packaging materials. However, tin box packaging has attracted the attention of many packaging manufacturers and packaging businesses. Why do businesses prefer tin box packaging? Because tin box packaging can protect your products 100% because tin is highly

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child resistant tin box

Tin box packaging in candy

Chocolate is a candy that many people like to eat, and manufacturers use different packaging methods for chocolate. Mixing, crushing, melting, and molding are necessary to make chocolate from raw materials. The raw materials for chocolate include cocoa powder, sugar, butter, and various dairy ingredients. The main ingredient of chocolate,

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What are the requirements for food tin boxes?

Iron box, also called iron can by many people, is a packaging box made of tinplate after welding, stamping, bone buckle and other processes. The main reason for storing tea leaves in iron cans: In ancient China, the preservation and preservation of tea leaves were very meticulous. Generally, clay pots

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