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Renaultin had been in this line for over 12 years, cooperating with many brand companies like Coca Cola, Disney, Nestle, M&M, Lindt, Nivea, etc.

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Chocolate tin

Product Description: Premium chocolates will feel at home in our premium tin boxes. Sturdy tins will maximize your brand recognition,makes it available in 2,12,

Chocolate tin

Product Description: The Luxurious Chocolate Tin Box features a plush lining and fitted compartments, carefully designed to accommodate an assortment of chocolate truffles, pralines,

Chocolate tin box

Product Description: we are leading manufacture of tin boxes packaging.  With about 1500 set toolings of last 13 years, we have many shapes and

flower shape tin box

product description: Unique design: The unique and intricate shapes of fancy-shaped tin boxes make them stand out from traditional packaging and storage solutions. They

tree shape tin box

tree-shape tin box

Product Description: Fancy-shaped tin boxes that have unique and intricate shapes, such as animal shapes, floral shapes, and other imaginative designs. These boxes are

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