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Renaultin had been in this line for over 12 years, cooperating with many brand companies like Coca Cola, Disney, Nestle, M&M, Lindt, Nivea, etc.

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Candle tin

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Product Description:
candle tin
candle tins are great alternative to traditional glass candle containers.
We have OEM and ODM various design for our customers,especially two pieces tins with a wide variety of sizes in both classic and luxe styles, our engineers will make sure that your design on two pieces seamless tin can is shown perfectly. see what we have done for your valued customers on their tinplate candle tins.


A clean and streamlined look, as there are no visible seams or joints on the outside of the box. This gives them a modern and sophisticated appearance, and often have a tight-fitting lid that helps to protect the contents inside from external factors such as moisture, light, and air. It is good for candle, car wax.

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Ease of production: Seamless tin boxes can be manufactured using a variety of methods, including stamping, deep-drawing, and spinning. This makes them a cost-effective option for mass production.

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